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Now on with your worries that we are fueling hate groups against Muslims. In my opinion, Islam and by extension Muslims, are actually very good at fueling that hate on their own if I can put it that way. It is incredibly easy to demonstrate that many beliefs taught by the doctrine of Islam are absolutely incompatible with western values. It is by following these doctrines that Muslims are fueling the hate. It is easy to demonstrate that Muslims are not hated for their ethnicity (There is no Muslim ethnicity) or their skin color (There is no Muslim skin color) but for their ideas, for their beliefs. Not simply as human beings as you put it. We hear often that we ought to criticize the religion but not the people. We should criticize Islam but not Muslim. Now let me ask you, can you criticize racism without criticizing racists? I think it's hard. 

April 16, 2018

By reacting so strongly to criticism and disbelief, religions in general but islam in particular tell us what they fear the most and that, without the shadow of a doubt, has to be their weakness. If we want to fight extremism of all colors, the best weapon is our Freedom of speech. If we have any, we ought to use it to question, challenge and denounce anyone who pretends to have authority over us. Those who claim to get a legitimate authority from god but tell me to shut up when I ask about that god or how they know what he wants? Those are the very ones convincing me the most that all the things they claim to be or to believe in, is nothing more than utter bullshit, all of it, and I can’t just stop saying this when I see all the wrongdoings in the world that are inspired by it or justified by it.  

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