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It got me thinking. Did I want other human beings to go to hell just because they were not Muslims? 

Of course not. So, a part of me started thinking that God was unjust for punishing "non-Muslims" forever since it's not their fault if they were born that way. Then I started wondering: Why would I go to heaven? 


According to Islam, the answer is that I was lucky enough to be born a Muslim, but I then realised that all other religions must also see it the same way. They can´t all be right as there are too many contradictions.  So either one religion is right and all the others are wrong, or no one is right. For Muslims at least, Islam is right and all other religions are wrong.


I couldn't persuade myself to believe in Jinns (Demons) and Angels, flying up into the heavens. I had a hard time believing in miracles in general. Maybe this was due to my limited rights as a woman? In Islam a woman’s status is equal to that of a dog, donkey or even pus. 

"Your prayer will be invalid if a dog, donkey or a woman passes in front of you.." Sahih Muslim Book 4;1038

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