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Kamran Ghanei

November 30, 2017

What has an Arab Bedouin who lived 1400 years ago to do with our zeitgeist? Why do theocratic states rule in some countries in the 21st century? If one builds a state on the religious assumptions, one builds this on the effect controlled by the feelings and the will of the people and not on the facts which by logical analysis interhuman connections which leads to a possible society building, then this error is this Society vulnerable by nature. If you build anything on feelings, then you must be aware that this certain something is vulnerable because people's will-feelings do not always correspond to reality. It follows that this kind of state is not functional in the reality of things.


November 20, 2017

Ex-Muslims are critical to Islam, religion-rejecting and secular-humanistic. Islam, political Islam, fascist Islam, Islam-fascism are all one and the same thing about an outdated history that has given nothing to people in the Middle East other than a brutal, beastly, inhuman, abominable and unthinkably rotted system which does not recognize humans as human beings but as subjugated. The free individual with all his rights does not exist in Islam. An authority with authoritarian thinking which cannot be thought rationally. Exactly those circumstances have experienced by the Ex-Muslims with their own body and soul. Again, and again affected by insults and threats, especially with the threats and repressions of the Muslim parallel societies in Europe and adolescent or young Muslims who, apart from the religious brainwashing who were not taught by their parents, unfortunately also not by the German school system that one can scrutinize everything critically....


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