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The more blasphemy the less negative social control

It has been a long while since I last wrote anything other than short posts on Facebook.

My focus has been to establish contact with other ex-Muslim organisations around the world. That is how I gather hope in these difficult times of censorship and accusations of racism, that are like a noose around my neck.

A noose that is tightening rapidly, causing me to lose my peace of mind.

I write my best when I'm provoked. When my emotions are ablaze. But what I now experience, provokes me less and less. I just get tired. I find that hopelessness is a difficult place to be, where it becomes difficult to put words on how I feel.

I'm no longer allowed to say that I'm angry with those Muslims. It can now be punishable by law to do so. Perhaps it's still within the law to criticize Islam, but not without being accused of racism from both some Muslims and islamophiles.

Nevertheless, I'm am angry with those Muslims. I am born in Norway in a Muslim home. My biological family are Muslims. All my relatives and their social circle are Muslims. Their culture, affiliation and identity is Muslim. And I'm not one of them.

I have disgraced my huge family with blasphemy. I brought shame upon them. The honour culture has them in it's grip, while I am free like a bird, I'm no longer allowed flight. This has been decided by the Norwegian government through an action plan against Muslim-hate!

I'm not permitted to complain about the actions of those Muslims and therefore prohibited from fighting for their descendants. The government has indirectly decided that I am a racist and a Muslim-hater. But I love my own. I wish them freedom!

Freedom from the dogma that had me forced married, raped and threatened with death. I wish to appeal to their bravery and critical thought. To their free will and intelligence. To their sense of justice and humanity. I wish to challenge their reflection about the evil that Islam demands from them.

There is just one way for that to happen. I must hurt their religious feelings.

The government doesn't want to recognize the evil in Islam. Then we would have to assume that they accept that Norwegian Muslims are slaves to sharia law. They make sure of that with both economic support and censorship. They make sure of that by supporting more and more mosques.

I don't hate my own. They have my forgiveness. But when the state and a number of organisations purposely interfere and hinder criticism of Islam, it is fair to ask, do they want Muslims to remain enslaved in religious chains? Religious chains that Norway got rid of for themselves shall now be forced on Muslims and all other citizens?

For too long have the accusations of racism scared people. People have feared exclusion from their families, losing the respect of their co-workers and trust of their friends. They have feared bullying and expulsion. They have been scared of losing their jobs and their living. And yet, the opposition against Islamic power and governmental oppression is growing. There are more and more ex-Muslims in spite of negative social control, death threats, imprisonment and executions.

Criticism of Islam is neither racism nor hate of Muslims. It is blasphemy. Blasphemy against both the religious abuse of power and the government's abuse of power. Blasphemy can not be stopped. Blasphemy comes from the ability to think. It comes from free will.


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