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Leaving islam and speak out loud about it

The best decision of my life has been to leave Islam and speak out loud about it.

Because only when I said it out loud did it come true.

I walked for many years and "said I was a Muslim" but deep down I wasn't and wouldn't be either.

The consequences of dropping and talking about it were unforeseeable and scary.

So defending Islam, or keeping quiet, was the easy way.

As a man with a Muslim background, it is often expected to take on, and at some point, the patriarch takes over the role. The "protective" older brother who actually suppresses sister's freedom with this "protection".The son who cherishes the pride of the family.

The economic aspect when you were getting married, which one obviously had to, and of course to a Muslim woman, who was supposed to come from a home where she had also been "protected" by her brother and family.

Being a Muslim, or confessing to Islam, was also often a free pass. A free pass that allowed me to commit criminal acts that the others did not report. A free pass that forgave every act that in all other´s eyes is unacceptable, but is tried to be used against you when you step out of Islam as open and public as I have.

I put my cards on the table in my book, articles, and interviews. And that means some people in the environment can't blackmail me with my past.

That's why they tried to walk through my parents and family. Every time I posted a post or article, my parents were contacted by people from the Muslim environment who confronts them with their son's "bad" behavior and public statements. It didn't work either, because I had decided to leave Islam and speak out loud about it.

Then they tried to threaten me with hanging out my family. That did not work either.

Today I have no contact with either my parents or siblings, and I haven't had that in a long time. Not because I don't want them, but because they think it's easiest to avoid confrontation from the Muslim environment. And I won't stop talking about it out loud. Of course, my door is always open when ready.

You play on all the conscience keys, and the control is based on the natural need, the need for everyone to have good family relationships. That's why it's so hard to leave Islam and talk about it out loud.

To a certain extent, you have to be cold in the ass.

And then you can seem like an asshole that "just" has turned your back on Islam and like "messed them all up".

This is often the extreme left-wing story because they like being the savior and see Muslims as victims, but of course also certain Muslims who want to keep the control and their victimhood role.

They do not relate to everything that has taken place in my life before I went out in public and said no.


I am today, father of two healthy and happy boys, married to the one I love, lives lovely and peaceful. I have my own business.

I am the chairman of the school board at my oldest boy's school. And the chairman of Denmark's first association for Ex-Muslims, where I'm super proud of the board and happy to have gotten to know them all. We are getting more and more members.

No matter what is tried in certain circles, it will not work here either.

For it is and will be the best and most liberating decision I have made.Despite the price it has had and will have.


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