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Islamisation of the western countries!

We see Hijab and Nikab (veil) is getting popular among the Muslims in western countries, they want to show us that we are here and we are here to stay.

People like me when see it we get depressed because it brings us flashbacks, for example they have also started calling Azans (call for prayer in Mosques) these days in some western countries. Hearing these Azans brings me flashbacks from an Islam dominant and radical society from where i escaped and it is depressing. It brings me anxiety and depression. Many ex-Muslims like me feel the same way. I see on social media, Muslims in from western countries sharing Azans called on loud speakers on social media with the captions "Allah u Akbar" sometimes in UK or in Canada..., It brings chills of fear.

It looks like western governments are going to make it a new normal in a quest to appease Muslims. Especially Canada is taking lead letting Muslims calling Azans on loudspeakers and to celebrate it some radicals have started calling Azans on road side walks.

In my university in Norway there is a separate big room allocated for Muslims where they call Azan and pray in University timing. Still when ex-Muslims like me or locals point it out we are labeled as Islamophobic without knowing that we (especially ex-Muslims) have these genuine fears as we know from our experience how does it sound like to live in an Islam dominant society.

We know how we grew up hearing Islam is gonna rule the whole world. They are getting closer and closer with each passing day to implementing Sharia laws in here, and if it goes on soon we will be facing death penalties for blasphemy even in the civilized world.

The Christian woman Asia Bibi who was persecuted in Pakistan over blasphemy charges and was sentenced to death by hanging in 2018 by high court in Pakistan and she ended up spending 9 years in jail before she was proven innocent in 2019 in supreme court of Pakistan. Canada gave her refuge as it was life threatening for her to live in Pakistan after freeing from the court.If Islamization in western countries continues, people like her should be ready for the same fate they escape from.

We came here to live a life of freedom of belief and a life free of Sharia laws but its scary how Islam is haunting us here too.

-Muhammad Irfan / Norwegian-Pakistani Ex-Muslim

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