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Are religious beliefs more important than children's safety in Norway?

According to a report by Save The Children organisation in 2018, Norway ranked first place in the world as the best country for children’s health, education and protection status.

While Norway ranked first place in the report, it is a big shame that circumcision is still legal in Norway,

Circumcision violates the right to body safety of the child, it has mental and physical harm to the child in the future, and disadvantages such as irritation of the glands and infections.

In worst case circumcision can cause to death of child as it happened in Oslo in 2012. A two week old boy died of complications two days after he had been circumcised by a doctor in Oslo.

In May 2017, the right wing progress party (FrP) voted to ban circumcision for children in Norway.

Unfortunately, circumcision is still legal until now.

Summer is the high season for circumcisions in Norway same as the Islamic world.

Many Muslim parents trying to find doctors who can circumcise their children on Norwegian Facebook groups with Arabic language.

We must ask this question.Are religious beliefs more important than children's safety in Norway?

As long as circumcision of children is legal, no country deserves to be ranked as best place for children, their health and security.

Stop circumcision of children today.

Link to report: Save the Children’s first annual End of Childhood Index compares the latest data for 172 countries and assesses where the most and fewest children are missing out on childhood.


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