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Attack on Freethinkers

It has been a international topic how islamist terror attacks have been a safety issue to human beings all over the world. And the debate of whether the terrorists are “true” muslims or not has been a dividing factor in communities everywhere, even though its where muslims are in a majority that free speech is forbidden. The voices that raise these issues are silenced all around the world and freethinkers that dare to carry on the philosophic enquiry of islamic law, find themselves singled out and in danger.

While Ex-Muslims are sentenced to capital punishment by islamic law, imprisoned, tortured, persecuted and have to live in danger in the Islamic world, they are completely ignored by the parliament and most of the politicians here in Norway and the west. While any muslim organization is showered with attention and financial support, the existence of EX-muslims is frowned upon.

In the name of human rights, governments all around the world protect those who want to remove freedom of speech, freedom of thought, ability of reflection and the spirit of human rights.

I received this from Nacer Amari who is a member of The Freethinkers Association of Tunisia. And this is not a unique case. This is the price of a reflecting consciousness in a islamic society:​​

“In a brutal terrorist attack, the founder of the Freethinkers Association of Tunisia, Hatem Al Imam, was subject to attempted murder by a group of Islamic extremists. He was beaten and stabbed in the neck, chest and abdomen, when he came out of a bar last night. Miraculously he survived. He managed to flee but they

followed him and tried to break into his house. Fortunately, they failed in this second instance.

They then attempted a third time today in the afternoon and stormed his house, only to find that he had left before they arrived, so they vandalized his house.

He has lost a lot of blood as a result of being beaten and stabbed during the night. He called the police several times but they did not give him any help and intentionally

did not try to save him .​​

When he went to the police station to file a complaint, they told him that they would register it as a regular “snatch” incident and not a terrorist attack based upon his activism as an atheist .

We, as activists from the Middle East and North Africa, are in solidarity with Hatem al-Imam and other activists

and atheists in Tunisia. We call upon activists and freethought organizations from all over the world to take a stance on this brutal attack, and we hold the Tunisian government responsible for the safety of Hatem Imam and the rest of the activists and atheists in Tunisia” .

Perhaps these murder attempts and death threats are the reason for politicians around the world to ignore human rights. Perhaps they fear islamic terror (which is justified in islamic law) more than they care about their democratic duties.

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