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A summary of the 10 years of struggle against the political Islam

On 17.11.2017, a historic triumph for those who have been with heart and head for more than 10- years existence of that association whose name with the word "Ex-Muslims '' set a sign not only in Germany, but also for the humanists and atheists from Islamic countries worldwide.

On that converging evening in Cologne, despite the shadow of the Cologne Cathedral, a significant group of renowned secular-humanist activists and freethinkers celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Central Council of Ex-Muslims, fortunately without the menacing shadows of the Islamists. A shadow however which not only Ex-Muslims, but now the whole of humanity, deeply overshadowed, deformed our period like a black hole and shaken by the one Islam which is not purified by the filter of the Enlightenment.

The fact is that Islam as it is currently practiced is and remains a fascist ideology to which not only criticism must be exercised moreover a hegemony of freethinkers, atheists and those who sworn it up to be responsible for the demolition of its floor plans.

Ex-Muslims are critical to Islam, religion-rejecting and secular-humanistic. Islam, political Islam, fascist Islam, Islam-fascism are all one and the same thing about an outdated history that has given nothing to people in the Middle East other than a brutal, beastly, inhuman, abominable and unthinkably rotted system which does not recognize humans as human beings but as subjugated. The free individual with all his rights does not exist in Islam. An authority with authoritarian thinking which cannot be thought rationally. Exactly those circumstances have experienced by the Ex-Muslims with their own body and soul. Again, and again affected by insults and threats, especially with the threats and repressions of the Muslim parallel societies in Europe and adolescent or young Muslims who, apart from the religious brainwashing who were not taught by their parents, unfortunately also not by the German school system that one can scrutinize everything critically.

Ex-Muslims are leading this campaign against religious intolerance, Islamic fascism and the basic principles of the monotheistic-Abrahamic religions namely violence and subjugation. Physical violence is an integral part of these religions. This component is the eternal threat to peace and motivation to the degradation of human nature and thinking which in some of these faiths such as Islam no longer serve as frightening images for God-fearing but are practiced daily in Islamic cultures. This violence is demanded if everything believes in this God, Allah.

We, the Ex-Muslims, saw more than 10 years ago, the advent of radicalized Muslims. We saw and observed the currents within the so-called Islamic countries. We warn the influences of the Saudi money in the name of Wahhabism and Salafism on the European soil. We are fighting the instruments of the Islamic regime in Iran against reason and freedom. Being an Ex-Muslim means being for women's rights, being for gay rights, being for free-thinkers, being for the rights of artists, poets and musicians. To be an Ex-Muslim means to be for secularism, for humanism. Ex-Muslim means being essential for separation from the state and religion.

The inhumanity of Islamic laws always sacrifices human life again because of apostasy from this error. This Islam, this kind of bloodthirsty fascism, this kind of justification of all violence and degradation of human dignity, goes through the parents into that children's brain during their developmental phase, instead of thinking about reality and Science, or teaching human beings’ fundamental rights, the little children in the Islamic cultures learn that there is a god called Allah, or some other children need the verses of the Koran learn by heart. That is an ongoing dangerous brainwashing for ca. 1400 years.

A ghost who has been seen more often but it has done nothing against him. If correcting a mistake costs a life then we should deal with Islam and its denominations which by no means agree with the values of modernity. That this inhumanity and this error that is political Islam with all its denominations, it is not only life threatening but also the causes of ongoing infamy in almost all countries of the Middle East, and now the spreading wave of terror to the whole world must be ended. This is the upcoming destination of Ex-Muslims over the next 10 years. If this unenlightened worldview claims any power through its untruth principles in the Middle East, Europe, and elsewhere then we will not be able to experience peace or progress on global levels.

But there are already great results of the actions of Ex-Muslims. The fine fuss of the critique of Islam has crossed the borders and crushed the crust of political Islam. There is an increasing number of self-critical observations of the self-inflicted immaturity caused by the Islamic worldview throughout the Islamic-enslaved area.

There are a growing number of free thinkers in Iran, in Saudi Arabia, in Afghanistan, everywhere where this form of inhumanity called Islam prevails. Wherever people have been suppressed by religion called Islam there is also criticism in the core of the vacuuming belief. There is an expanding spectrum of life-welcoming-affirming and critique-affirming creatures, no longer starving themselves as descendants of Adam and Eve, but they consider themselves as valuable singulars of evolution, of diversity of genes and cognates and attached to other lifeforms of Mother Earth.

We, Ex-Muslims, are atheists. Not only is Islam a religion whose foundation is to defame all other beliefs or ideas. That Islam is a martial religion endowed by an immoral, pedophile, sexist, and inhumane warmonger, does not justify that other monotheistic religions such as Christianity and Judaism are moral.

The presentation of the properties of the monotheistic concept of God in the Old Testament provides us with gruesome images of horror.

The antipode of fanatical fascist Islam is secular humanism in its modern version on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Westerners and politicians should be clear about which way to take in the future. A path towards humanism and secularism or a path that puts the West in the hands of Islam fascists and right-wing populists.

The tasks of Ex-Muslims in the next 10 years are more laborious than before, and their way full of stumbling blocks. Despite all the threats, insults, repressions and brutal attacks, we will fight until political Islam becomes an undergone part of history.

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