• Nacer Amari

Criticizing Islam is not being-phobic

As an Ex-Muslim I have every right to criticize and mock Islam, Muhammad and the writings as much as I want.

And you the non-muslim westerners! You do not have the right to tell us that we are Islamophobic in doing so. You are aiding those who abuse and silence me for speaking out. Stop that!

What gives anyone the right to say to a literal victim of an oppressive, backward, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, antisemitic, inhuman ideology that it's so special that them speaking against it is a "phobia"? Islam isn't a race ; it's a political, dominating and angry ideology, as I often say ; Muslims are the primary victims of Islam and they are mostly wonderful people despite Islam ; they don't all follow it to the letter. There is disagreement amongst the different sects and levels of adherence to ideology, just like other religions. The difference is that Islam is wholly political and the quran says that if you try to change one word of it, you are guilty of heresy. The proof of this is in the destruction and harm done to smaller sects in Islamic world and which is why there are prison and death penalties for atheism and "blasphemy", as well as strict adherence to shariah law throughout the Islamic world. This is the reality for Muslims and Ex-Muslims worldwide. Criticizing Islam is not being-phobic ,but people keep mixing that up.

Some people think it's racist and some thinks that religion have to be protected from critique because of religious freedom! It is a shame!​

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